Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Online Resource Spotlight

The NC LIVE Video Collection is a collection of more than 250 high quality documentary and educational video programs produced for the Public Broadcasting Corporation. Chosen by North Carolina librarians for use in supporting education and for general interest, the collection includes programming covering the sciences, US and world history, biography, current events, and the arts, as well as a variety of other subjects. In addition, several educational series for children are included

What titles are included in the video collection?
The video collection is comprised of programming in the sciences, history, biography, the arts, and a variety of other subjects. This includes Ken Burns’ Baseball, The Civil War, and Jazz as well as the selected episodes from series such as American Experience, Frontline, Scientific American Frontiers, and the childrens’ programs Cyberchase and Liberty’s Kids.

For a complete listing of the titles, go here.

Print Reference Resources

In her article for the Daily Vidette Ashley Vasquez probes the question “Why is our society obsessed with serial killers?”
Nick Maroules, a sociology professor who teaches courses in criminology, commented that people have always been interested in these sorts of shocking crimes. “It’s a combination of things. People are driven by fear; they’re afraid of it, they’re shocked and they want to understand it,” Maroules said. “If somebody goes into an office and kills ten people and then kills himself, it seems so out there, so intense, they don’t have any way to explain it, or understand it. It’s somewhat natural for people to be extremely taken by these kinds of things.
 “I think there’s just a general fascination with crime in our society but particularly with serial murderers because their behavior falls so outside the norm,” Jeffrey Walsh, criminal justice professor, said. “It’s easy to be intrigued by these extreme and particularly violent individuals in our society. Fortunately, most of us aren’t used to and can’t relate to them, so it draws our attention.” (Vasquez 2010)
No matter if it is fascination or an education in Criminal Justice that has you delving into the world of crime, there are several resources available to our students and patrons that will help:
The Book of Assassins: A Biographical Dictionary from Ancient Times to the Present By George Fetherling   
HV6245 .F44 2006 REF
The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Michael Newton    
HV6245.N49 2000 REF
Hunting Humans : An Encyclopedia of Modern Serial Killers by Michael  Newton    HV6515.N49 1990 REF
Bloodletters and Badmen : A Narrative Encyclopedia of American Criminals From the Pilgrims to the Present by  Jay Robert Nash  
HV 6785 .N37 1995 REF
The Historical Atlas of American Crime by Fred Rosen
HV 6779 .R67 2004 REF
The Encyclopedia of American Crime by Carl Sifakis      
HV 6789 .S54 REF

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